Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving At Little Nanny's

I love this time of year! My family looks forward to Thanksgiving every year when we go to "Little Nanny's!" All 65-70 of us gather in Tennesee at my husband's grandmother's farm in a small home that was once a trailer. The numbers continue to increase as the children grow up and have families of their own. It's a happy time! All of the guys get out in the front yard and play football, while others sit in the porch swing and watch. The little kids get "Papa" to walk them to the lake to see the ducks. The women are in the kitchen cooking and getting all of the food together. And of course, there is my sister-in-law, who takes pictures of everything. There is a spread of food like you wouldn't believe and it's funny to watch people start inching towards the front of the line well before it's time. Then there's the call to eat..... and Uncle Jerry says the prayer.

We had a bit of a scare this week though. We got a call that Nanny had been rushed to the hospital with congestive heart failure. She is 89 years old and she has had heart problems for a few years now. For a couple of days she wasn't doing well, but she is better now and she is going home from the hospital this weekend. For 23 years I have been a part of Thanksgiving dinner at Nanny's house and for a couple of days it looked like that was all about to change. I'm so thankful she's going home and we will get to see her again. She has always said she wanted to live to see the 5th generation and she has done that. I know she stands and watches all of the people enter her home each year and she knows she is truly blessed to have this family - this large, loud, happy family.

I have been thinking this week about my own family and how thankful I am to have them. I have these wonderful children and I love them so much. I don't ever want to take my life for granted and I want to always remember to thank God for the things that really matter in life - my husband, my children, my family, my friends, my home, my health, and life! Thank you, God! I know that one day there will be new traditions in my family and I look forward to the day when I watch my children and grandchildren fill my home on Thanksgiving Day, just like Little Nanny.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Susan said...

I noticed that you said your husband's "grandmother". It must be a wonderful thing as an adult to still have your grandmother. I had two precious grandmothers who passed away in their mid-70s years ago. My husband's grandparents are also deceased.
My cousins and I shared one grandmother; however, they recently lost their other grandmother at 93 yrs. of age. I know they and their mother will miss her very much, but I told them they were so blessed to have had her for so long. They also knew five generations. My own grandmothers never saw my children.
Yes, we are so blessed, Set Free. We have healthy, Godly children, nice homes, good churches, freedom, our great country, among so many other things.
You are blessed to have Nanny, and I am glad she made it home. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with her and your family and give her an extra hug for someone who still misses her own special grandparents.