Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Questions

*Is it wrong to have questions? Are people just supposed to conform, even if they don't agree with something? Have we been too quick to just believe what we have been told rather than look into these things for ourselves and find out what God is really saying to us?

*Is it right for churches to have and "us verses them" mentality? Aren't we all striving for the same goal - reaching people for Jesus? Shouldn't leaders in the church be pulling for other churches that are helping people, rather than hoping they don't make it? Isn't it wrong for a pastor to put down all other churches and say that his church is the only church that is right? Isn't that a cult?

I heard about a church the other day that bought land and is in the beginning stages of building. Another church right up the road offered to send men from their church to help clear the land or help any way they could. That is true Christianity! It's realizing that we should be trying to reach a community for Jesus and not caring who gets the credit. It sounds like to me those men know what really matters - loving God and loving people.


Anonymous said...

I was one of those that sat silently by and never asked any questions. I have regrets now because I did that. I hope I will not make the same mistake twice.

Thanks for sharing your questions. It helps me to know someone else has thought the same things as me. God bless you.

Cassie said...

I would not allow myself to question, but just reading your questions is showing me that I should have all along. I even felt guilty for questioning certain things.