Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spiritual Abuse Resources

January is Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month. I'm glad to know that there are people out there trying to raise the awareness of this travesty that affects so many lives.

Dr. Barb Orlowski has compiled a list of spiritual abuse blogs and websites. Barb looked at over 130 sites and picked the best of the bunch. These sites provide insights into people's lives and experience of spiritual abuse. Some of them may speak to you more than others, but you can pick the ones that are your personal favorites.

I have linked the sites for you, so all you have to do is click on the title.

*Church Exiters

*Setting The Captives Free

*Pure Provender

*Futurist Guy

*Spiritual Abuse In the Church

*Spiritual Abuse

*Christian Survivors

*The Hope Of Survivors

*Kingdom Grace

*Battered Sheep

*Spiritual Abuse Recovery resources

*The National Association Of Christian Recovery

*Recovery From Abuse

*VM Life Resources

*The Wartburg Watch

*Church Abuse

*John Mark Ministries

*Apologetics Index

*Stop Spiritual Abuse

*Reflections On Spiritual Abuse

*Rick Ross Institute

*Wittenberg Gate

*The Barnabas Ministry

*Word Of Faith Recovery Forum

*Ministry From Two Poles

*Ruby's Emporium

*Wicked Shepherds

*We Survived Abuse

*Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog, and the links, as well!

I hadn't been posting much this last year as I'd sort of been thinking, hey, there were plenty of sites already out here in the blogosphere warning of spiritual abuse.

But how foolish of me, since getting back online, and seeing just how many abusive situations were going on.

It seems like every week a new scandal or ministry abuse hits the headlines and gets exposed. That means for each one of these, some group of people have been spiritually abused and in need of fellowship, help, and restoration.

Let's continue to be a voice for the LORD and get the word out.